Managed industry based solutions

In today's environment the ability to control costs and resources is imperative.  There are measurable time and cost savings at every phase of the building life cycle, regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Architecture and Engineering

Architecture and Engineering

BuildFlow adds a layer of quality control giving you and your team, peace of mind.   We will advise of any submission issues, then work with your designated team members to correct issues, before sending out notifications and order fulfillment.

Building Trades

Building Trades

We will save you time, by organizing and standardizing your bid documents.  Let our document management professionals convert, standardize and organize the files into easy to work with documents.  

Construction Managers and General Contractors

Construction Managers and General Contractors

We do the work so that you don't have to do it.  Let our document management professionals convert, standardize and organize your documents making them easy to work with across your organization, project team members and bidders. 

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Your archived and current documents are a valuable asset waiting to be leveraged.  Building repositioning is one of the fastest growing sectors of the building industry, as portfolios age and require upgrades and modernization.

Owners and Developers

Owners and Developers

Your organization will have a dedicated team of document management professionals, without the associated cost.   Everyone will be more accountable, focused and productive. 

Project Lifecyle

BuildFlow provides scalable solutions based on team and project needs.



  • Our team is from the building industry and provides daily ongoing customer support for everyone involved.
  • BuildFlow tracks everything, which keeps everyone accountable.
  • BuildFlow functions as Dropbox and a professional grade document management system for the building industry.  You decide when and where you need document management service.
  • Unlimited document storage and contacts on projects.
  • Project templates keep everyone on the same page and are customizable based on project needs.  Security and permission are built into the project template.
  • Document search is fast and accurate.
  • Your customers can request their own version of BuildFlow that is managed by your organization to include in your services offering.



  • Consultants can have their own secure area within a project to store and collaborate before they are ready to publish to the project team.  We can, and do, work with many software systems that your consultants/customers are using. 
  • Our Document ID staff can scan and organize existing building documents making them user friendly for anyone.  We provide this service for many organization and it can be a value add service for your company.



  • All of your bidders are stored securely in one location with managed prequalification.
  • Build a bidders list in minutes we real time bid reporting during selection
  • Send ITB’s in seconds when bid packages are ready.
  • Managed distribution list on folders automatically notify people of changes. 
  • Real time bid response and proposal tracking.
  • RFI module with workflows based on the project CSI codes and drawing disciplines.



  • We manage and maintain the conformed full set of specifications and drawings for the project including DOB any other sets that need to be conformed with full version control.
  • Viewer – See all of the information related to a document including versions, annotations, RFIs, attachments, document links and search tags.
  • Include a document link to a folder or document within BuildFlow in your email and forget about distributing large files via email or ftp.
  • Managed distribution list on folders automatically notify people of changes.
  • Submittal Management

Close-Out and Commissioning

Close Out and Commissioning

  • We are tagging the documents from project inception making close out a much simpler process from the project start.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

  • The archive documents and files become a real time tool for facilities to handle work orders, evaluate facility needs and prepare for upcoming projects.

BuildFlow vs. Competition

BuildFLow vs. Competition

 Bid Management 

 BuildFlow FTP Site  Dropbox  Sharefile  Sharepoint 
Activity & Event Tracking        
Bid Packages         
Bidders  List Creation        
Invitation to Bid Notice Module        
Real Time Vendor Bid History        

Contact Management

BuildFlow  FTP Site Dropbox  Sharefile  Sharepoint 
Activity & Event Tracking  
Managed Contact Information      
Search Tags and Meta Data      
Filters and Groups      

Document Management

 BuildFlow FTP Site   Dropbox Sharefile  Sharepoint 
Activity & Event Tracking  
Annotation Tools        
Digital Distribution
File Conversion        
File Coordination and Conformance        
File Indexing & Search Tags      
Multiple Media and Delivery options        
Document Links  
Security & Permisisons  
Version History  
Unlimited Storage  

Project Management

BuildFlow  FTP Site  Dropbox   Sharefile  Sharepoint
Private & Public Project Solicitation        
Project Groups and Filters        
Securtity and Access Permissions      

Billing and Service Plans

BuildFlow  FTP Site  Dropbox  Sharefile  Sharepoint 
Project Based Invoicing        
Multiple Bill To Options        

Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

Not enough time or resources to properly manage document and files?

The BuildFlow Data Services Team is the equivalent of having a staff of dedicated document management professionals without the associated cost.

Is searching and finding important documents and files when you need them a problem?

Every document is reviewed, organized and indexed before it enters BuildFlow.  Finding the latest, or any other version of a document is fast and reliable.  Finding a document on BuildFlow is as easy as a search in your favorite search engine.

Do you have piles of documents in multiple places and files stored across many locations?

The BuildFlow Professional Services team will design and build a custom document repository for your organization that efficiently manages archived, active and future project documents and files. 

Have you ever been in the office or on the road without access to important documents?

BuildFlow is web based and accessible from anywhere in a secure environment.

Are people working from outdated or incorrect documents and files?

We manage and maintain the conformed set of drawings and specifications for projects.  All project team members can be notified of all new drawings simply by adding them to the drawing alert list.  Everyone will be working from the most recent documents.  Milestone issues and revisions are stored in folders.

How many times have we all heard “I did not get it", "I thought I sent it", and "I can't find it"?

BuildFlow tracks every activity and event in real time, regardless of the media type or delivery method.  

No way to easily share and collaborate on documents and files outside of your organization?

Document Links are a simple and effective way to share documents and files with anyone, as well as other software systems.  Our document viewer and annotation tools are easy to use and are mobile friendly.

Why choose BuildFlow?

  • BuildFlow serves all industries within the building life-cycle, including the operations and management of building portfolios.
  • BuildFlow is customized based on your organization's needs and requirements.
  • BuildFlow works in conjunction with many other software systems.
  • Your organization and project participants will be informed, without feeling overwhelmed by numerous e-mails and other correspondence.
  • With a few clicks, documents and notices can be sent to anyone.