Managed industry based solutions

In today's environment the ability to control costs and resources is imperative. There are measurable time and cost savings at every phase of the project life cycle.

Architecture and Engineering

BuildFlow adds a layer of quality control giving you and your team, peace of mind. We will advise of any submission issues, then work with your designated team members to correct issues, before sending out notifications and order fulfillment.

Building Trades

We will save you time, by organizing and standardizing your bid documents. Let our document management professionals convert, standardize and organize the files into easy to work with documents.  

Construction Managers and General Contractors

We do the work so that you don't have to do it. Let our document management professionals convert, standardize and organize your documents making them easy to work with across your organization, project team members and bidders. 


Your organization will have a dedicated team of document management professionals, without the associated cost. Everyone will be more accountable, focused and productive. 

Facilities Management

Your archived and current documents are a valuable asset waiting to be leveraged. Building repositioning is one of the fastest growing sectors of the building industry, as portfolios age and require upgrades and modernization.

Why choose BuildFlow?

  • BuildFlow serves all industries within the building life-cycle, including the operations and management of building portfolios.
  • BuildFlow is customized based on your organization's needs and requirements.
  • BuildFlow works in conjunction with many other software systems.
  • Your organization and project participants will be informed, without feeling overwhelmed by numerous e-mails and other correspondence.
  • With a few clicks, documents and notices can be sent to anyone.