Integrated Document Solutions

BuildFlow is a provn combination of 50% people and 50% software. We provide a wide variety of services through our integrated software solution, BuildFlow.  BuildFlow links all of our departments, software and equipment for fast and efficient customer support and service.  

BuildFlow is like having an onsite team of document management professionals on your projects without the related cost. While our team manages, standardizes and organizes your documents and files, our software will allow any member of your team direct and instant access to your documents anytime, anywhere, all in one convenient and secure environment. 

Outsourcing your organization's document management needs in conjunction with BuildFlow's service offerings will streamline operations, reduce risk and save your organization and team members time and money. In other words, meet your deadlines and stay on budget.

Document Management

Let us do the heavy work

We proactively manage and conform the working set of drawing(s) and specification documents throughout the building life cycle of a project, ensuring everyone is working from the most current documents including a full version history. Discrepancies are identified and corrected before documents are distributed. Documents are organized and maintained in a user-friendly folder structure and layout, regardless of how they are submitted to BuildFlow.

The BuildFlow team of professionals was handpicked based on their qualifications and years of experience within the building industry.  We manage millions of documents across every phase of the building life cycle for all types of projects and customers. We will process and manage your documents promptly, so that you can spend more time doing what you do best.


Sent files or documents will be converted to a standardized PDF format. Drawings will be separated into individual files, rotated and renamed by drawing number. Specification sections will be broken down into individual PDF's according to the table of contents. Document table of contents will be reviewed to ensure everything was included in the submission. The author will be notified of any issues prior to publishing to the document repository. Drawing number, title, date and discipline will be added. Specifications will be displayed by book, table of contents, and CSI division. The Conformed Full Set Folder will be updated based on the submission, if required. This ensures that everyone is always working from the latest version. Version history is automatically updated.

Managed Downloads

Accountability is always a valuable asset, especially when someone says they never received the documents in question. With a just few clicks, you can verify every document the person has received regardless of who placed the order. Placing a download order is easy, select the documents then the order recipients. The documents are zipped into a single file and delivered via e-mail to each order recipient with a customizable order transmittal. BuildFlow automatically tracks when the Zip file is downloaded and reports this information back in real-time within BuildFlow.

Share Links

Document and folder hyperlinks offer simple one click access to documents & files.  A document or folder link is a simple hyperlink that can be added to any correspondence or other software system to utilize BuildFlow as a document repository. Links are a simple and effective way to distribute documents when you do not require a high level of accountability.


Our annotation tools are easy to use and customize with security and permissions. Custom document stamps can be created for your organization and project team members. 

Tracking and Reporting

Full activity and event tracking keeps everyone productive and accountable. Stay informed and current from wherever your work takes you. Eliminate excuses like "I did not get it" and "I thought I sent it".

File Hosting

Centralized cloud storage and collaboration 

You do not need a separate file hosting solution anymore. BuildFlow offers File Hosting that is secure with simple to use sharing and collaboration services.

External Sharing

Share contents with stakeholders and collaborators external to your organization.

Content Management

Centrally manage diverse content with metadata, workflow, and permissions.


Customize your search and results with enhanced features.


A 360 degree view of critical contact data

Centralize your organization’s contacts in a managed database that is private and secure. Your organization will have quick access to all critical contact data, including: key individuals, communication history, bid history, project history and more. There are a lot of organizations looking for business and you may be too. Let us help put you in touch with companies that meet your requirements. Our contact management system tools have been designed and built based on many years of customer feedback. 

Many of your contacts may already be BuildFlow customers, therefore, they will be familiar with the interface, which makes the transition to BuildFlow as smooth as possible for your organization. Your existing contact database can be imported and additional contacts can be added as needed. Our customer support team will assist your contacts and answer any questions they have. We have helped hundreds of companies transition their contacts to BuildFlow.

Project Contacts

Create a bidders list and project directory in minutes. All contact activity is recorded, providing a real time snapshot into contact performance, so you can make more informed decisions before inviting contacts to projects. 


Contact prequalification can be difficult to manage. The BuildFlow prequalification workflow is simple. Prequalification information can be added or removed with an expiration date.


Our building industry standard search tags make searching fast and efficient.  Filters and groups make contact selection fast and simple. 


Improve bid coverage and win more projects

 BuildFlow Bid Management Services are built on years of customer feedback. Our customers come from every aspect of the bid process from the subcontractor to the developer, which gives us a unique perspective and understanding of how everyone needs to interact. Your organization will have access to all critical bid data, including: Projects, bidders list, bid packages, bidder activity, bid tracking and more.

Distributing bid documents digitally has further shortened the bid cycle. Providing clear bid details and documents in a consistent and easy to navigate format, helps estimators focus on preparing their bid which enables better bid coverage and wins more projects. We offer a proven combination of software, document management and customer support that help everyone from behind the scenes. Our customer support team will assist your bidders and answer all of their questions.


Select qualified bidders and send a customized invitation to bid in minutes with full tracking. BuildFlow reports all bid responses and awards so you can make more informed decisions during bidder qualification and selection.

Bid Responses and Proposals

Bidders can update their bid response as well as your estimating team. Responses are accessible from one screen and can be filtered based on response to help ensure bid coverage. Allow bidders to securely upload proposals. You control how proposals are uploaded and entered.

Bid Packages

You can deliver documents in digital or hard copy format quickly with delivery receipt tracking regardless of the delivery method. There are two simple ways to deliver documents to bidders:

Place an order for bidders

Bidder accountability is a valuable asset in today’s fast paced environment.  Knowing exactly what bidders have received during bid analysis is a valuable tool. Placing orders for bidders give you complete control as to what a bidder receives with reliable delivery receipt, regardless if it is a digital or hard copy order.

Send a document or folder link

Links are a simple and effective way to distribute documents when you do not require a high level of accountability. Any folder can contain bid documents.  Add the Folder Link to an invitation to bid notice or add it to your current solicitation system.  Bidders can view, download and place an order from the link.


Stay informed from wherever your work takes you

BuildFlow Project Management revolves around the building lifecycle. Your organization and project teams will have quick and secure access to critical project content and data, while staying focused on the current phase. We can join the team at any phase working forward or backwards to build a complete document history.  

All of your project data is secure, backed-up and can be retrieved in seconds.  Archived projects are instantly accessible. BuildFlow Solutions can be added or removed based on project requirements and phase. Many of your contacts and vendors may already be using or have used BuildFlow, which makes project transition much easier.

Project Groups and Phases

Related projects can be grouped together for organization and reporting. Projects are grouped by phase, which keeps your organization's departments focused on projects that relate to them.

Project Templates

Proven and reliable standardization across your organization and project teams makes everyone more efficient. We have extensive experience creating templates that are easy to navigate with a reliable and secure folder structure.


Our user access roles are based on the most common user types in the Building Industry. The permissions associated with each role cover most customer type requirements, which keeps security simple. Custom access roles can be created when required. Roles and permissions can be modified at the project level based on user requirements.


Comprehensive, collaborative and fast  

The BuildFlow RFI service is an interactive RFI system that is fully integrated with project documents and files. RFI’s can be generated from any project document or file and all RFI’s associated with a document or file are linked back for easy reference. Any user may generate an RFI which will be sent to the RFI Administrator. The selected prime reviewer will be able to add additional reviewers and easily append and annotate any document on BuildFlow or from their own files.


An interactive RFI Log and email notification system keeps everyone current and aware.


Q&A Workflows are based on project specification CSI divisions, subdivisions and drawing disciplines from the conformed full set of documents. RFI’s are automatically routed to the correct people every time.


A discussion section is included with each RFI for team collaboration. A collaborator can advise when they think the Answer has been provided.


An RFI can be generated directly from a document. Document annotations and file attachments can be included with questions and answers. See all RFI’s associated with a document instantly.

Distribution and Tracking

Answered RFI’s are automatically distributed with full activity and event tracking.


The Submittals Module is a fully interactive and collaborative submittal management system that tracks Submittal Packages through the review process.

  • Interactive real time submittal log
  • Spec sections are created directly from the project spec book.
  • Multiple review consultants
  • Memorized routing and distribution
  • Subontractor Inbox for new submissions

Document ID & Archival

Bring your organization's documents to life

We can bring your organization's documents and files to life by scanning, indexing, organizing and tagging them in a document repository that is designed and built for your company. BuildFlow's Professional Services Team will organize and apply the appropriate search tags. The document repository can be accessed from anywhere in a secure environment. The user interface is familiar and easy to use for all team members. You have full control of user access and permission. We offer flexible backup plans, which include storage on our secure servers and/or yours.

Stop loaning hardcopies to consultants and not getting them back. Put an end to documents not being labeled or returned to the correct location. No need to be concerned that an employee has the most important documents on their desk or that the documents are not accessible to the team. Perhaps you have file storage rooms that could be better utilized or you are receiving documents on CD or other portable media and not quite sure where to store it. A BuildFlow Document Repository is your solution!

Professional Services

We will design a custom document repository for your organization’s building portfolio. We will identify and recommend the types of documents and files that should go into BuildFlow. We have developed proven standards and procedures for identifying content and search criteria from many years of experience. Your document repository will be highly scalable and can adapt to changes and future needs. 

Project Locations

A digital map is created for each building in your organization's portfolio. We will meet with individual property managers to learn about each building and identify areas where document search will help. The locations and condition of existing documents and files will be surveyed. A detailed plan will be created that identifies the types of documents that should go into BuildFlow.  

Search Tag Design

Custom and common search tag groups like document types, tenants and floors are created for each building. Your organization and project team members will be able to search the document repository in a variety of ways. Once the documents are located a folder can be created to store the results. 

Project Lifecycle

Active Projects

Active project documents and files are organized, categorized and tagged when they are added to BuildFlow making the transition to archival seamless.  Important documents for facilities management are identified up-front.

Archived Projects

Archived project documents can be a real asset for active and future projects, especially during the design and engineering phase. 


Our workflows are fast and efficient. We have numerous quality control steps to ensure your documents received all of the correct meta data and search tags.


We can scan documents on or off-site. We will survey and catalog document locations. Documents that are taken off-site are packaged, sealed and labeled.  If you need off-site documents we will locate them and return or send a digital version immediately. Documents can be returned to their original locations, or sent to a long-term storage facility. We identify and remove duplicates before scanning. Every precaution is taken to preserve and prepare documents so that they are returned in the same condition. Each document set is stamped and marked with the corresponding archive identification number so that it can be located in the document repository. Every file is reviewed and organized before it enters the document repository.  


Important document metadata is manually entered or extracted, i.e., drawing number, title, date, etc. Experienced building industry professionals add document search tags. A project manager reviews and approves all applied search tags. Users can search for documents in a variety of ways from one easy to use screen.

Duplicate Detection

While we try to remove all duplicates during the scan process not all duplicates can be eliminated. We scan the document archive database and identifies potential duplicates. Duplicates are flagged as "Not Active". This process makes searching much faster and provides better results.